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The Play For Totalitarianism.

With the pardoning of Roger Stone, an unmistakable template of recognition has morphed into the execution of the Totalitarianism endgame. More than likely in “backrooms” laced with shadows , echoing the web of the best laid plans, this was set in motion well before 2016. The explicit parties involved and precise language of that moment, is of little importance at this specific time. What chronology does demand of us is the understanding and willingness to act now, to prevent this toxic outcome’s success. All the accumulated moments of defiance, corruption, in-action, complicity,arrogance, and the criminality of those vested interests, have been showing themselves in all the places where they needed to be vetted and refined, waiting for the unexpected massive global opportunistic third variable, that would allow the final execution to burn true. All the necessary institutions have been penetrated and controlled to impotence, leaving only one open channel for orders to flow. The famous …

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