A Very Fundmential Problem.

Currency.  What is the problem with currency? Everything in the tangible universe, including our planet and us with it, is finite.  With little thought or observation, this is ridiculously obvious on a day to day, moment to moment level.  The limits placed on us, from our species survival in quantity to the quality and morality of a single life, is finite and restrictive at this base level.  

Mans construct of mathematics is celebrated as perhaps one of mans greatest achievements.  Why?  Because it has allowed us in a quantitative way to explain that very universe that is around and through us.  Math has one problem though.  Its allows the representation and idea of infinite. You can always add another zero (Which is another problem in and of itself for the same reasons).  This idea, infinity, has no foundation in reality (Nor does zero), at least in the reality that we can perceive, or frankly imagine.  We can say we can imagine infinity, but that is really a lie, because we cannot imagine something that is not grounded, at least in part, in tangible reality.  Simple test.  Think of a new color.  You cannot.  Everything you think of "bounces off" a color that exists.  

Now, back to currency.  Currency is totally dependent on math.  If you think not, I will do a Thanos finger snap and make all currency on the planet denomination-less.  How will that work out for you..??..  Currency places math on top of human existence in an attempt to quantify human interaction with all of reality, including ourselves (Slavery, human trafficking).  Math, and thus currency is also linear.  When you add one to a base number, the one added is not any different than any other one added, no matter where you are in the progression.  In short, math at an incremental level is equal.  When you combine this with the power to infinite,  you now give capability to the idea that any one person has the ability to be a reality, greater than another human based on an idea that has no tangible reality.  A billionaire is a billion times more valuable than a human with one dollar.  Really?  This core perception is the entire underpinnings of wealth inequality, and why it persists century over century over century.  How this plays out through the rest of all human "systems", I will leave to you... at least for the moment....


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