Dejavoo ... Business as usual.

Later today is going to be what they call Super Tuesday II. This will probably secure the position of the Democratic Nomination. It should be worth noting that Biden was always going to be the nominee. The DNC has super delegates for a reason. They are used as necessary to allow the corporate establishment to put their figurehead in the final run. 2016 re-affirmed this in the wide open, when Bernie won ALL counties in WV and they gave the delegates to Hillary. There is no democracy here. Even if Bernie was able to win a majority going into the convention, in round two the super's would be used to give it to Biden so CW (Concentrated Wealth) can maintain their total control. Biden will simply represent business as usual before Trump, or as I usually call him, the "T" man. CW will NEVER relinquish control willingly, which is why it is pointless for someone like Bernie to run. The system will never be able to cause this to happen. The only way this can occur is to go outside the system, because CW owns the system. History shows this to be the case in the long run, which is why we are still here with the same problem of wealth inequality that has existed for centuries and centuries globally, on the whole.
So whether Biden or the "T" man wins the election, CW wins. Granted, CW for the last 70 years has put more money behind the Republicans than the Democrats, due to Roosevelt, but the changes he was able to make have been completely undone for a couple of decades now. The Republicans are the express train and the Democrats are the local. They both will arrive at the same station, its just that one gets there sooner.


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