Socialism Saves America.

Socialism is the tool being used to save this country and the world from Covid-19. Look at Mnuchin’s Money Cannon and the Senate bailout. Billions are being taken from the 2 Trillion dollar Socialist bailout and being put in a credit hole as a backstop for a multi Trillion dollar lending vehicle (Est 4T$ to 5T$ above the 2T$ bailout) that Mnuchin can “blow” out to big corporations for whatever they want to use it for, dividends, stock buybacks, etc. that he has total control over as Treasury Secretary. This is Socialism at its finest, not Free Market Capitalism, which would say to the individual, your rich so you can buy the medical care you need. All you non-rich people, too bad so sad. Yet on ANY mainstream media outlet you have not and will not hear the praises of Socialism being enumerated and cheered from the mouths of media pundits or newscasters. Why? Because CW (Concentrated Wealth) owns all the outlets. You control the medium, you control the message. I personally have been watching multiple TV networks from BBC to MSNBC to CNN and more. The word Socialism has not been spoken once!! NOT ONCE!! And some of the American public thought they had a chance to make Bernie Sanders the Democratic Nominee. How foolish and naive. The evidence was already out there that this could NEVER happen. WV 2016 says it all out in PLAIN SIGHT! Bernie won EVERY county in WV and the delegates went to Hilary during the Democratic convention. The 2016 WV result was not one person’s vendetta or misguidance (Debbie Wasserman Schultz), but the entire system’s corpocracy based, string guided marionette show of red and blue, that keeps the right amount of hope alive towards our political system of control. Biden was and is to be the nominee regardless of delegate count. Business as usual before Trump. The Super delegates would be used in round two, to correct any voter mis-guidance that Bernie may or may not have been able to generate.

As has been said many times before, Socialism is for the rich, the poor get stuck with Capitalism. There is only one question that needs to be answered. When are the American people on mass going to wake up?


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