Thought for the day 201: Too Much Truth.

I just watched Bill Maher 3/6/2020. He had Brian Cox on as his left side guest person. They all were talking about the “usual” stuff and Brian said in a very heart felt and sincere way, "you really don't understand Socialism". I though Maher was going to have a heart attack by his expression, and I was looking at him in profile. It took everybody about 2 or 3 seconds at most, to go into full blown damage control and shut Brian down, using the usual methods to do so.  So, this thought for the day Bill, was triggered by you in that moment:

201.     “Bill Maher is just another wealthy NY Jew,  having the last thing he wants to hear on main stream TV,  a sincere, truthful  and emotional plea for Socialism.  He is just like the rest of them,  knowing that Socialism in the USA is for the wealthy,  and everyone else gets stuck with capitalism.”


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