No Masks, Pack Them In!

Everything about this squatter in the White House since Covid-19 has been a factor, sees him willing to engage in tactics that put Black, Brown and anyone that doesn’t like him, at higher risk of infection, which will translate into a certain percentage of death. This is just statistical fact as a function of his actions or lack thereof. All his rally goers and sycophants seem to want to go against any policies that make sense to enact, that will actually reduce the spread of the virus. They want full opening up, no masks, no distance, etc.., basically life like Covid-19 isn’t there. The rallying cry for Democrats and Independents should be the title of this article! They want their rallies with no masks, no social distance; hell, pack them in with no masks! Encourage sneezing with no mouth covering, shoulder to shoulder. Lock the doors and let them stay all night. Push the R-naught through the roof. The more that get sick, the more that will die, the less to vote for the squatter. Its that simple. Be willing to fight fire with fire. This type of action and encouragement would be a refreshing change for the current non-Republican voter.

Let them have exactly what they want.


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