Same meal, different chef.

“Freedom stolen by Government armies or Government solicited private armies, versus freedom stolen by creeping complicit capitulation by law and regulation over time, result in the same destination under the same barn roof. Such is the difference between practical fascism achieved by the “right” and practical fascism achieved by the “left”. Practical fascism enabled by violence is most likely less stable and more prone to upset than by complicity. But it is also possible that the restrictions under the “right's” version could be more severe and punitive by nature, despite being more unstable. The realities under the “left” may overtly seem less gratuitous and brazen, but may well be more corrosive to society’s structural fabric on an individual basis regarding creativity and diversity of thought, as well as collective creativity and the willingness to take risk, over extended periods of time. At our current place in history, we are getting a chance to ride the express train into the barn under variant one."


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