To Anti-body or not to Anti-body.

The disgraceful level of testing in this country (By percentage) is no secret or open to debate, but is especially evident in the Covid-19 Anti-body test area. Interesting messages developed early on. At the very beginning, the anti-body message was something like, once we get anti-body testing we will be able to see who has had it and who has not. This will allow us to have great visibility of the virus “patterns” and determine still vulnerable populations….etc…  etc… Very shortly after however the narrative changed to, well, just because you have anti-bodies doesn’t mean you are protected from getting it again, and the whole concept began to have a bucket of cold water thrown on it. While this later and currently prevailing narrative is playing out, anti-body testing is still being done on people verified as having Covid-19, their anti-body level determined, and if high enough, their plasma taken and given to the sickest Covid-19 patients. Do you see a logical problem and contradiction at work here? The water is either hot or cold, the drink either sweet or sour. You cannot have it both ways at the same point in time. If you acknowledge anti-bodies help the sickest Covid-19 patients, you cannot turn around and say out the other side of you mouth, the same anti-bodies are of little or no benefit to those that have originated them, and by the way, have them 10 to 100 times stronger in the their own bodies and the ability to create more of them!! So why the logical duplicity? Perhaps it is as simple as a bureaucratic management decision. The controlling entities in our society do not want to open up the situation of, “Papers please…your Covid-19 papers and green card please… those with cards can enter and have normal social interactions, those without must abide by the RESTRICTIONS!”. I wonder who would start screaming then?….


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