Squatter, SilverTop & Toad.

Since the Inaugural Address of January 20th, 2017, this country has been without a president, which makes this election forth coming a very potentially pivotable event. The Squatter that has intruded in the White House since that time, adjoined with his two main complicit sidekicks, has moved this country in a direction that would make dictators from Napoleon to Stalin and beyond proud.
From an election perspective, CPOV (Computerized Point Of Vote) makes it impossible to have an election audit. Paper ballots are the only way that an audit can be performed. It is no wonder that CPOV was such a sought after direction by those who wish to circumvent Democracy. Given the long list of “tools” that are being used by those who wish to secure Fascism or Totalitarianism under the perverted banner of the Republican party, and to an extent the Democratic party albeit using a different process and timeline, the result of the coming election may be more based on when these interests make their final move as opposed to the freewill of the people. As I have written before in, “Socialism Saves America” and, “A Very Fundamental Problem”, and other writings, Concentrated Wealth and Currency itself preclude a world that would actually be desirable for the human race and its only Earth. Currency is inherently competitive and holds man at its beckoning (Hugely Ironic) when cooperation must be the leader in day to day social interworking’s, and the large systems of social order. Facts via logic and science tempered by morality and ethics are the main ingredients of a sustainable world. Flat out lies and distortions by the so called Right and the currently promoted Universal Relativism and the normalization of abnormality by the so called Left, are mutually complicit allies in bringing the extremes of Right and Left at 9 and 3 on the clock, to their final home of total control (Pick your label) at 6, pure freedom at 12 of course for the analogous circle.
Personally, I see no hope via any legal and allowed structured path, leaving only accident, Murphy and system circumvention as possible necessary change agents. Not a very pleasant viewing Crystal Ball, but then again, no one is paying me to say otherwise….. Tic….Tok…


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